Using preform with form2 farm

Hi there!,
Here a spanish company that uses 3 Form2 24/7. We have calibrated all of them with fine tuning option besed on Stepped_Calibration_Object in order to be very accurate in our prototypes. In fact, we have to scale them in 2 Form2 using a 1.003 factor and in the other one just 1.000.

Nowadays our biggest problem is to prepare every .form file for each machine and only it is possible to upload the files sequencially taking valious time.

It would be very great if it could be possible to configure every form2 with its own scale factor and enable a multiupload option in order to work with a scalable farm faster (because it is our intention).

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Just to add some information : yes we can tune the X and Y axii but we can’t tune the Z, and so when calibrating on all 3 axii you have to tune the X and Y on the machine but also add a scale factor in Preform, which unfortunately isn’t machine-dependent.

I completely agree with @InnoCADStudio that a proper way of calibrating the printer is needed. A standard procedure and print files from Formlabs would be great as well, as all is available at the moment is community-driven data and the procedure -if I’m not mistaken- was thought out for the Form 1+ …