Is there really no independent axis scaling?

Hi Everyone,

We are still learning PreForm and have made some parts with astounding accuracy. I do mean astounding, to within a thou in some cases. We have been struggling with threaded parts however.

We used an EnvisionOne before for our resin prints and would apply a 1% scale down on the XY plane (or plane the threads went through) on one half of a threaded part (one we could not use a tap on). It seems like this is impossible to do with PreForm? No matter what we try, PreForm will apply a global scale.

Even worse, if we apply independent scaling on a .3MF file in another slicer, like Bambu’s, PreForm will still apply a global axis scale (i.e. if XY only is 1% in EnvisionRP 3MF, it will become 1% XYZ in PreForm).

It looks like PreForm will just global scale to whatever the largest value is. Is this normal?

One might ask: “Why don’t you scale in CAD?”

For threads, it’s more complex than that as scaling the Z-axis will change your pitch. To fit threads typically we scale the plane through the treads 1% to get a fit. Changing the CAD file itself will also change our drawings and make a thread not follow the spec anymore.

If this is a “feature” of PreForm, has anyone found a way to do this other than scaling in CAD?

Also, if anyone in engineering is reading this, please consider adding independent axis scaling as a feature. If its absence is a QOL thing, please just add it in and leave it as off by default, and have an option to enable in a drop down list somewhere.

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