No successfull prints after upgrading to Form 1+

Been busy since receiving the upgraded Form 1+, but now that I am using the printer I am unable to get at least one successfull print out of it.
The resin tank is practical new and the grey resin is stirred, filtered etc. I tried moving the print to another area, but the problem remains.

Some prints were delaminated at the base, so I changed the distance of the built platform.

The first prints came out grainy, with a surface comparable to wood, so I took a look at the large mirror - completely dusty and smeared with something (resin?). I took IPA and flushed the whole mirror without rubbing, which cleaned the mirror.
Quality of the prints improved, but still…

Prints are often squashed at one end, a lot of prints are chopped off at an 45° angle.

Can someone please help me?

Best regards,

Imcomplete prints with grainy surface:


Chopped off prints:

I did just submit a ticket with all necessary pictures like advised. Hoping for a simple and cost-efficient solution.


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