Nightmare issues

Just an update. It was never an issue with the type of models i was trying to print or how they were printed, as I’d had previous success with the exact same models with the exact same orientations and nothing, not even the base for the supports was printing. It was all adhering to the bottom of the resin tank.

We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, and it was getting to the stage where Jory had authorised a return and instructed me to package up my form 1 ready for collection. However, I decided to have a go at changing the resin, and I’m so glad I did.

Something very strange had happened to it. Whether it  was due to my initial cascade of mysterious failed prints, or night time cold temperatures (or both), it was as if the resin was semi cured. It had become very viscous and taken on a cloudy look. This was in contrast to resin fresh from the bottle which flowed easily and was a darker bluey grey.

I cleaned the tank thoroughly, whilst noting there was in fact some damage from removing the previously adhered resin. I then succeeded in creating a near flawless print, then 3 more without incident. I even managed to print the walkway leg (the previously posted photo of the one that failed horrendously)

As a result of this. we managed to avoid having to send back my Form1. Jory is kindly arranging a replacement lid and resin tank to address the other issues.

In future, I’d probably urge Formlabs to make it clearer in both their start up guide and the extended literature, the room temperature requirements for successful prints. I don’t even know if that was the issue or not in my case, but I’m sure it would be for many others. Making it clearer would avoid a lot of confusion and rule out this sort of thing happening from the word go.

My experience with Formlabs has been such a positive one. Their customer service is first rate and they really go the extra mile to help make things right.

Could you of just left the lid open for a while and not realised?

Yes. I do all my printing in a room absolutely bathed in strong light. It’s a special and magical type of light that can punch through the resin, but only harden the very bottom layer.  Not only that, but I routinely open the lid after a print and then leave it for hours before removing the product.

It’s so obvious now. Thanks for your insight!

That was my first question as it’s the most obvious, I have noticed with my Form1 that there is a significant gap in places between the lid and base 2-3mm (particularly at the back, plus you have had issues with your lid) therefore a possible source of light contamination causing resin to prematurely gel.

However it’s apparent from your posts that a major part of your frustrations is your own attitude.

That wasn’t what you said at all. But it’s all moot as had you read my posts, you’d have seen it was not about resin spontaneously curing at the bottom. It was about it curing there instead of adhering to the build platform. i.e. during a print.