Has anyone noticed that the new tabs -in the past few iterations of the PreForm software- that get printed with the base raft chip or break much too easily? They taper and thin out. and every time we try to pry the raft off by slipping the edge of a scrapper underneath these tabs to lift up, they crack and break. The old tabs were far superior. Just wondering if others are having the same issue?

@ericwang, short reply. Yes I have noticed this and I have the same issue. Luckily most of the times there are multiple tabs, but they do seem worse than in older Preform versions.

I have both a From1 and a Form1+ and I only have this problem with the original Form1. Overall it’s very difficult to remove prints from the platform since the new tabs. I was planning on reducing my base thickness to try and get around this problem.

Hi @Alex_Rain1 ,

We usually go the opposite and try to thicken up the bases. We find that often times thickening up the base adds more stability when printing. Regardless, even at the thickest allowable base height, these new tabs simply crack off most of the time and by doing so kind of defeats the purpose of having them in the first place…

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