New Owner - First Print

Giday all from Western Australia
I received my Form 1+ today; very exciting!!
My first print didn’t stick to the bed but a quick Google search resulted in my cleaning the bed with IPA - perfect print success.
I printed at .1mm resolution and I am VERY impressed. It makes the .1mm resolution on my FDM printer look awful.

Formlabs, you guys are AWESOME!!

Very happy new owner


Thanks Stephen!! You are Awesome!

We are happy to hear about your first prints and successes!!!

Just curious; does it print up-side-down down there?

Welcome to the club, enjoy your new machine!

Carter, San Francisco CA

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Thanks for the welcome guys.
Curiously it prints the right way up down here. LOL.


How is your printer holding up so far, if you don’t mind me asking? Been looking around for printer options, and the .1mm option is pretty high on my list.

Was ultimately hoping to print some things like in this infographic I saw. Some pretty cool projects that people succeeded in:

You can buy our device. It has guarantee.

Just to confirm previous comments, the .1mm seeing on this machine bloed away .1mm on fdm, and the other settings are as good as you would expect accordingly.

The .1mm resolution on the Form 1+ is FAR SUPERIOR to .1mm resolution on an FDM printer but depending on what you want to print an FDM printer can be better.
We use both depending on what is required.

I concur. I no longer offer ‘engineering’ type prints as I don’t find the form1 accurate enough, or the materials strong enough, but for product protypes and organic/hard surface ‘art’ prints it’s ideal.

We have some micro layer heigh comparisons that might be of interest here: