Got my printer, first thoughts

I just finished my first few days of working with my new FormLabs +1.

I want to upload photos and video, but I’m not 100% sure how to do it.

So I’m going to simply try it.

I modeled this in Lightwave 3D (11.6), exported as an STL file and brought it into PreForm. I changed the size, and then printed.

I’m not a newbie to 3D printing, I own several (five) Fused Filament printers. But I think I need to expand my skill set, and the FormLabs printer seems like the next logical step.

Thus, I’m going to try to post a YouTube link here:

And if you want to download the model for free, the link can be found here:

I’m pleased with my first efforts. I went ahead (on my second print, using CLEAR) and using the highest resolution setting…and the output was fantastic.

I still have a lot to learn about this printer, and how to post-process the prints, but my first impressions tell me that I have just stepped into the ‘next’ level of 3D Printing.


Nice work there!

Very Nice print and model! Play around with orienting your model on the build platform though, It seems you’ve used a lot more resin for supports than is actually neccessary. If you orient your model more upright, it should print fine and only use 20% of the support material you’re using right now. Furthermore, it reduces the peel forces on the model as it does not have to peel off such a large area :).

BTW, just wondering. I’m using Lightwave 11.5 myself, but my scaling seems to be off. 1 meter in lightwave is equivalent to 1mm in preform. Do you have the same issue?

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Nice print Don! And thanks for sharing the video with your process.

Alex, I never had any luck using 'real world measurements in Lightwave. When 11.6 came out, it was one of the things they touted. So after a while I just came up with my own system. I created a virtual ruler and a virtual build box. When I create a new design, the first thing I do is to throw these elements into layer 10 and use them as a background template.

I’m an artist, not an engineer, so CAD precision isn’t critical to me. I created a new build box for the FormLab, and it works fine, but I haven’t done tests to see if the ruler is still correct. Let me know if you want a copy of it.

Thanks Don, however, I don’t need the box. My settings are exactly 1m in lightwave is 1mm in Preform, so it’s an easy conversion ;).

Looking forward to some more designs/prints!