New form1+ showing marks of use

This week I received my form1+ and I just unpacked it to set it up, but it seems to have been used before. Please have a look at the image. It also has a lot of dust on the large mirror. Any thoughts?

Here is an image of the mirror… The white spots are dust.

mine was not “as bad” but also had lots of dust and some light scratches from trays being installed etc. I am sure they have to test the machine before shipping.

The scratches will happen regardless (I know you wanted it perfect - so did I). Just blow the dust from your mirror and have fun !!

The dust you are seeing could be shake off from the shipping box, but I’m sorry that your printer arrived dirty. We have mirror cleaning instructions here:

If deeper cleaning is needed, you can email us at: and we can provide you with specific “direct cleaning” instructions.

My mirror arrived dusty too, I put it down to cardboard dust from shipping. Maybe Formlabs should ship units protected in plastic bags?