New clear resin seems too viscous

I have been using the new clear resin (V.2) for about 5/6 prints now and my impression is that it is much more viscous of the older version and my prints have a lot of flakes attached to them. Also I have tried to print a 2 mm channel through the object and the channel is printed shut . The older resin performed much better in this regard
Anybody has suggestions or feedback
Btw the resolution on the channel print was at 0.05

I have the same issue here. First I thougt it’s because I used old resin (slightly beyond the expiry date), but then I ordered a new bottle of clear resin. I still have cured flakes sticking on my parts, and the surface of the prints are bad quality at some areas. I especially used an new tray, but they prints won’t get any better. I use a form 1+ btw.

Hd25, what are the expiry dates of the old resins? I still have some wrapped in bags and wondering what issues can happen. Thanks

It is very unlikely that these issues are from the clear resin, but there are several possible causes for the flaking you are experiencing. I would recommend getting in contact with our support team and providing a photo of the flaking you are experiencing. You can also try a fresh resin tank as clouded silicone can also cause this.

They can help assist you!