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Network Status USB Add-On for Wash and Cure


I’d really like status and completion notifications for the Wash and Cure available via PreForm and the Dashboard. Especially the Cure, since, including pre-heat times, the process length is comparable to the time it takes to print the part (i.e. long enough to justify a notification).

However, the Wash and Cure don’t have any network capabilities, and I wouldn’t want to have to purchase new versions of these units just to get notification features.

Therefore, I propose:

  • Updating the Wash / Cure firmware to provide status information over USB.
  • Creating a USB-powered wifi accessory device that can be plugged into the Wash / Cure USB ports.
  • Also updating the Wash / Cure firmware to provide network configuration UIs on their front panels when the device is present.

As a bonus:

  • Also give the accessory an ethernet port.
  • Give it multiple USB ports (or let it support being connected through a hub) so that a single one of these boxes can serve multiple Washes and Cures (I realize this can complicate configuration, I have some ideas there too but the Formlabs engineers are smart I’m sure they’ve got good ideas too) (it’d conceivably mean the device might need its own power supply, too; personally I’d be OK with that).
  • Give it a USB pass-through port or allow it to update device firmware over the network (basically so you don’t have to unplug it to update Wash / Cure firmware). This’d also make letting the devices auto-update (like the printer does) a possibility, in theory.

I would find this incredibly useful. If not the Wash, at least for the Cure.


Yes yes yes! This is absolutely a must for these devices. They are about the only two things I have in my house and lab that are not network enabled currently. I absolutely want to be able to:

  • Get status of each Wash or Cure cycle
  • Be able to update Firmware over the network
  • See each of my devices in my Dashboard

Extra Credit:

  • Publish a Dashboard Cloud API that I can use to pull data out for my own processing purposes (costs, times, etc)
  • Be able to get SMS messages to my phone (with some kind of Alert API I could even do this via Zappier or Twillio myself)
  • Enable POE wakeup through the Firmware (so I don’t have to keep Wash and Cure all the time)

Personally I’d prefer each Wash or Cure to be standalone, not through some broker, but that’s a personal preference.