Form Cure & Wash Notifications?

The text notifications from Form 2, and also on the dashboard are great for knowing when a print is done, or for reviewing progress. But I’m surprised that the Form Cure & Wash machines don’t also provide status updates, or at least notifications on completion. My machines are remotely located, so it’s inconvenient (inefficient) to have keep to checking physically. That’s especially true with the Form Cure, because it always takes a long time to heat up, and I find myself repeatedly visiting that room to see whether the machine has started yet so I can start a timer. Same with the Form 2. It also takes a while to heat up (and fill the tank), but it only gives the status on the printer’s screen itself, not on dashboard.

Manually setting external timers is the only solution to not being notified on completions, but it’s inconvenient and seemingly unnecessary, considering that both units have USB ports. Am I missing something, or is this being worked on?

Thanks! :wink: