Need Help! new form 3 won't print straight

The school got a new form 3and I am doing some testing. However, problem occur in the first print, the line won’t go straight. As show in the photos. Has anyone has any idea what casues it? Two of them without support are soild print and the rest one is hollowed with hole.

link for the photo

Also, the right side metal host for the tank is loosen, the left side is tight. Is it suppose to be like that or it souldn,t be loosen?

it’s unfortunate that you cannot print anything in ANY orientation.

you need to better orient the print to avoid large flat areas being printed at once this increases the pull-off pressure and can warp the print. i thought the FL3 low force would compensate but it look like from your print it may not.

Even though the peel-off pressure is lower with the FL3 the rules for printing for a FL1 and FL2 printer still applies.
When you are printing and part of the print is flat going into the tank as the print for that layer is completed the platform is lifted out of the resin. That creates a force on the print as it is lifted out o f the resin that can warp the print.
Think of a bowl of wet mud. Put your finger tip into the mud and lift up; there is some resistance but not as much as if you took your whole hand in the mud and then lifted up.

The trick is to orient the print so that for each layer the least surface is in the resin tank. This is not easy to do and takes some thought. Use PreForm to show each layer by layer of your print to see what surface areas will be in the tank. Minimize it for each layer by re-orienting the built.