Nag messages

Please add a feature to disable pause when naging the user about empty cartridges. Messaging is fine but stopping the job is annoying. Since to date every spill I have had has been due to the autofill I would prefer to manually fill my trays and intentionally use an empty cartridge when I have one available.


Were these spills with Formlabs resins or third-party resins? I ask because the Form 2 level sensing is tuned per resin and so putting different resins in cartridges can lead to problems.

All spills where the at the bite valve before any level sensing came into play.
Castable v1 is a very repeatable event for me. The stream will spray over the tank walls. Maybe defective valve maybe because castable is so thin and the valve does not direct the stream effectively on thin materials.
Big one was a bite valve falling off.
Regardless it’s my machine and I rather not use the autofill.
The system is pausing the job because it believes the tank is empty not because the tray is low on resin.
If you have a look at your dashboard you will see the system is tracking tank levels and triggering a pause when it believes it has an empty tank, at the beginning of EVERY job.

Sorry if I sound snippy, just restrictions with no technical merit really chap my hide.