My printer and cartridges are faulty

No liquid came out of the cartridge. And all my creations have failed. What kind of situation is this? What should I do? There was no problem with the preform program.

PS: There was no hole in the bottom of the cartridge. Is it defective? And apart from this, my creation fails. thank you

Does the cartridge have resin in it?

Did you remember to open the valve at the top of the cartridge?

If you squeeze that rubber nipple with your fingers, I think you will see there is a slit that will open to let resin out.

If there was a hole you could see, it would leak resin all the time.

Yes. Everything was ready. The cartridge contained resin. The cartridge is new. However, when I pressed the rubber nipple, the liquid did not come out. There was no hole in it. There was only trace. And replaced with a new tank. And the lid of the cartridge was also open. But I failed. I do not know why.

For a while my creatures showed good results. However, these problems have begun to occur in the last 14 days. . Do you have any influence on the current season? This is summer. Average temperature is 30~34 ° temperature

No, I do not think temperature is the problem. The issue with the prints failing to complete is probably because your resin tank is worn out and because the resin in the tank has particles resulting from the print failures. This issue with your Cartridge is not related. It is just a bad Cartridge. Open a service ticket with FL and I bet they will replace the Cartridge for free. You have to buy your own new resin tanks, though. You cannot keep using the same tank forever.

thank you

It sounds like there might be a few things going on here and I’ve reached out to our support team so that one of our members can get in touch over email to help troubleshoot.

It is sometimes the case that the bite valve on cartridges is sealed and needs to be squeezed a bit to release. Excessive force shouldn’t be required and gently squeezing the bite valve should open it up.

There are a few potential causes for the print issues you’re seeing. It’s possible that the platform isn’t being compressed into the tank enough for the first couple of layers which is leading to the prints falling from the platform. This can be fixed by iterating downwards using ‘Z fine tuning’.

It also looks like your models might have some hollow cavities that are causing a suction cup effect. This can put excessive force on the parts and lead to them detaching from the platform. Adding drain holes in models with hollow cavities helps to eliminate this effect. One of our support team members will be in touch over email to help troubleshoot with you.

I will contact you by email. Thank you.

Are you making the heads hollow? If so that is why your prints are failing if you make them solid they should print just fine. the problem is that when you have a hollow piece the cavity during printing will cause there to be a air pocket (the hollow area) that creates a suction effect that makes it much harder for the printer to detach the part from the tank. Sometimes resulting in the part detaching from the build platform or could also cause the supports to break resulting in miscellaneous broken pieces in your tank.

As far as the cartridge is concerned send it back and do not use it. I once had a similar issue happen and once i fixed the cut on the rubber nozzle a week later that cartridge leaked all of its resin into my Form2. so please send it back and ask for a replacement. i hope this helps.

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