My New 3D Lab and First Print, Success!

I wanted to join in the community by showing my first print and the 3D lab I setup in the basement. The model is a decorative collar for a patio table (start small). The lab is two big tables set up in a temporary location while the room is being remodeled. First print was with the gray material. It will be interesting to try the other materials and see how stinky they are. Note the UV light chamber is from Randy_Cohen’s design (it worked great), Budget UV Cure Box (Jar?). I added a solar powered turn table to it as well.


Cool Beans:)) I’ve only been printing with clear, small items, but if left to dry overnight, I’m not finding any stickness…But I did buy the big sterilizer unit with the higher bulb…so we’ll see not as cool looking as Randy’s, might build one of those when I have more time:)) Anyway…nice printout!

Wow. You have a really clean Basement. Mine looks more like this:

Nice Randy any hand launched gliders in there?

Nah. Too much work. :slight_smile:

But I have a fleet. Maybe 2 dozen or more planes ranging in size from 14" span to 84" span, Some warbirds, some civilian, single wing and bipes (and one Fokker DR.I Triplane), some Jets (ducted fan powered), one “drone” rigged for long-distance semi-autonomous flight with FPV (like, about 45 minutes of flight at around 30MPH). I’ve got something like a half dozen helis ranging in size from 12" span to 54" span, a few scale, a few aerobatic. And I have a bunch of multirotors, Tri/Quad/Hex/Octo from around 4" across to 3.5’ across, most of which fly FPV with a camera and goggles. The biggest is a hex copter that has a stabilized camera gimbal for ultra-smooth video, flies for about 25 minutes on a battery charge.

The blue sailplane with the yellow lighting bolts is about 35 years old, 8’ span. The V-Tail sail-plane looking thing with the black wings is actually a “hot liner” designed to fly fast not glide, 7’ span. Both are powered by electric motors. The white/blue plane is a “Carbon Cub” scale model of a real airplane, 82". Has about a 2:1 power:weight ratio designed to be able to hover nose-up on the prop. And at the bottom of the frame there’s a tail of a 1.5m span scale WW-II B-25 Mitchell bomber.

I use my FormLabs printers for Radio Control stuff all the time. Here are some RC related objects I’ve designed and printed…

Camera pod for a racing quad-copter

Scale 9 cylinder rotary engine for a PT-17 Biplane

150mm racing quad-copter frame

Camera mount for a small quad-copter

Landing gear/camera mount for a micro-sized quad-copter

Scale pilot bust - me - scanned with an X-Box Kinect and ReconstructMe scanning software

Holder for the “Power Management Unit” for my large hex-copter camera ship

Landing gear for the long-distance drone airplane. Printed with Vorex resin.

Inner landing gear doors for my 78" span scale T-28 Trojan airplane

Prop guards for a small-ish FPV quad-copter

I can see why your basement is cluttered. That is a lot of equipment to manage. Is this a hobby or a business?

It’s just for my own entertainment. Gotta keep myself out of trouble some way. Might as well be “creative”.

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Awesome work environment ! +1 for the large bin.
Just curious, where do you cut supports ? Most users do that over a cutting mat as it’s easier to clean afterward.
What do you like to add to improve your workflow ?

Wow, I have to show this my brother-in-law. Your basement looks like his garage.
A 3D-printer obviously introduces much new capabilities to this hobby.
Real great work!


Here’s the finished prototype of a scale replica radial engine I designed, printed, painted, assembled and finished just this last weekend.


That’s f’n insane. Pretty work sir, and just wanted to thank you for your forum posts. Just got my F2 up over the holidays… gonna be a fun year and thanks for the info!