Multiple FormLab2 Print Failures

Our architecture firm has begun experiencing repeating issues with our FormLab2 printer. We’re attempting to print a small tower model but the print keeps failing for different reasons. Summary of our issue -

  1. First print failures from a motor jam. Reset and started again, failure from a sensor issue when the build platform fused itself to the bottom tray.

  2. Remodelled the model & updated all software and firmware to the latest versions. Print still failed, only printing the bottom corners with 80% of the model missing from the middle.

Could some please advise how we can resolve this issue? We’re based in Sydney Australia, is it possible to get a technician to come service the machine? We need models printed tomorrow so a quick response would be much appreciated.


Additionally, now we’ve noticed that resin is become struck and set on the actual resin tray itself.

The same thing happened to me. This was a new v4 grey resin! :frowning:

Not the grey, we’re using the Version 3 White.

How old is the tank tray?

how are you orienting the model on the build platform?

Is the model on supports? or are you trying to print the walls directly up from the build platform?

Form 2 uses a sideways shearing action to release each layer from the tray window.

If the layer doesn’t shear cleanly, that can cause an issue… and if the resin is really sticking to an old tray window, the shear forces might cause a motor jam.

the resin is supposed to stick to the built plate- and NOT stick to the tray window.

Sounds to me like the tray is sticking more than it should…
try replacing the tray

Thanks for the reply Sculptingman.

The tray is brand new. We replaced it after the first lot of failures. The latest failure was the first print using it.

We’re orientating the model on a 45 degree angle with supports. We’ve noticed the platform doesn’t seem to be lifting out as much as it used too. On the early failures it seems the resin swiper may have been actually hitting the model because it hasn’t lifted out far enough. However the recent failures are more like a piece is just missing. See images.

Most of my failures have come from too much surface area in contact with the print surface (tray) if you could hollow your parts that might help. Besides that it will save you quire a bit of resin - that’s if it’s an option of course.

Thanks Nixie, good tip to try. Issue seems to be more than that though

I would tend to agree. I’ve been printing parts with much more surface area per print than this and it prints fine. Haven’t been printing big parts in White though.

Have you cleaned the material off of the tank after a failed print? Anything left on the surface of the tray will be a dead spot on any new print.

Re-printing over this surface can permanently bond it to the PDMS layer in the tank (you could need a new tank).

Whenever something has happened to the tray we haven’t attempted to clean it, rather just throw it away and start with brand new one to be safe.

Sent you a pm benjiman

Thanks for detailing all of the steps that you’ve taken to work to correct this. Our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot this with you, and a member of our team will be reaching out over email.

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