Multiple Failures after really good start?

Hi I’m new here, I’m a character artist that works at Hirez Studios in Georgia on a game called Smite. I saved up and bought my awesome form1 about two months ago so that I could get some models made into reality.
When I received it the printer worked better than expected for the first three prints just awesome.
Then I had my first failure, lets just say it was my fault. That clouded the tank and every print with the clear in that tank thereafter failed.
Got a new tank with the grey2 resin it had two successful prints and then it started failing as well.
So I guess I’m just wondering what I’m doing wrong… I’ve went layer by layer to find any overhangs every print after the first fail. And whats strange to me Is it seems to be failing on supports and on the inside of hollowed objects. I’m also getting some scum on the insides of objects making me think that is another reason for failure.
Attached are some of the most recent failures :frowning: and two really good prints combined :smile:

This is Ravana a God from Hindu mythology hes a god of war. Arms were separate used a UV laser pointer to attach, found this knowledge on the forum :smile:
Again any help or tips would be awesome

Hi David

Nice models, your prints are failing because your shell is way too thick, I print with shell thickness of 1.25mm to 2mm max. Meshmixer is a great tool for accurately shelling models and also allows you to add holes to prevent a vacuum from forming. You can see from my prints at that you can get good prints with minimum thickness.

I’m downloading it now, Thanks for the quick reply and kind comments. I will shell my print and I will let you know how that turns out! :smile: It makes total since that the thicker the walls the harder it would be to peel. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again I will post more later

I’ve had similar problems in the past with things of various thickness. I actually have a small (few millimeters across in any direction) print that is failing similarly. The supports print ok and fail at that point.

I recently went through a support call and had the main mirror replaced, had a successful test print, a successful “i want to print” and then failures after that. Swapped out resin for a new bottle, swapped out tank for a new tank, and still problems. That being said, I’m interested to see if your problem is a thickness problem.

(Also, really, I just wanted to post to say I’m a fan of Smite.)

Cool model!

I’ve attached our design guide here that might be helpful for you. Also, when printing hollow models…you might need to build in a drain hole so that liquid resin can escape the print. From our support site:

“A fully enclosed cavity (like a hollow sphere) will inevitably trap some resin inside while printing. Design such cavities with a drain hole. We suggest the minimum diameter of drain holes to be 3.0 mm.”

formlabs-design-guide.pdf (42.3 KB)

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