Multiple autoclaving of BioAmber parts

Hi, I am using 3B+ printed BioAmber parts for cell culture, but not in direct contact with the cells. I would like to reuse the parts and would like to find out if its possible to repeatetly autoclave these parts?
If they are not suitable for repeated autoclaving, would repeated disinfection with ethanol affect the material properties or endurance?
Thanks for any feedback.

Hello @SAP,

This is a great question on repeated autoclaving of parts. We have a results writeup on Biomed Amber sterilization and multiple sterilization and its effect on parts - please reach out to Support for a copy. This will help you make the call of whether multiple autoclaving cycles or just disinfecting with ethanol is best for you.


Hi Jen,

Thank you very much for the quick and helpful answer :slight_smile:

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We have autoclaved Surgical Guide materials for our cell culture needs. Repeated autoclaving is only possible for a few times before cracking appears. It’s tough material, that’s for sure. But Autoclaving is a rough process. We have also reduced our autoclave process temps to minimal and increased time for process.