MSLA Exposure Test objects on Form 3

Hi. It seems like the Form 3+ has preset settings for exposure times for each resin. I have a Mars 3 Pro at home and I typically do a few exposure test items to help dial in times. I understand that the Form 3 is an SLA based printer and the Mars is MSLA. I was hoping to print the 3DRS Starship on the Form 3 as kind of a showpiece item in our display cabinet at the Makerspace. Preform does not like the overhangs it has on the model, but the whole point of the model is that it is a “stress test” piece. Is something like this ok to print without supports on the Form 3? I was going to put it on a raft so that I don’t damage it on removal, but was planning on not putting supports on any parts of it aside from the bottom.

Hey there @wdavies92,

I opened the file in PreForm and see the warnings you are referring to; given how thin and numerous those rods are at about a 45º angle, I would say that there is a chance it will print but will probably encounter issues without being supported. As you mentioned, it is a stress test though, so as long as you know to clean out your tank if the print isn’t completed properly, you can definitely attempt the part. You just don’t want to leave any cured bits of resin in your tank as it would jeopardize subsequent prints.