Motor Jam - Tray and Build Platform Sticking

I noticed today that the build platform and tray seem to be “sticking” as they move. The movements during the peel cycle are fine, but when they return to the printing positions they stick intermittently before finally arriving “home”. I have had a motor jam error appear but have not found anything obvious interfering, so I’ve ignored it for now.

Here is a video showing the sticking:

Has anyone seen this before? Will some lubrication fix this? Is there a recommended lube/application guide?

Thanks for posting that video as it’ll be a big help in diagnosing the cause of this. The Y Peel Motor and Z axis motor are operated on different axis so this is more likely to be an electronics issue rather than the result of inadequate lubrication. Our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this and one of our members will be in touch over email to help out with troubleshooting.

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