Modifying clear resin print with Super Sculpey?

hey all, so want to sculpt in lost detail (due to supports) using super sculpey. Though to get the sculpey hard it needs to be baked at a temperature of 130ºC (275°F). Just wondering if you think the resin will hold up in those temperatures or melt? I was thinking more of heating it up using a heatgun (not hairdryer) I guess I can experiment on an old print though would be good to hear what others think first.

so just did a quick test and the heat gun cracked and flaked the test print in around 10 seconds on high setting. Maybe boiling water is a better option?

Heat guns seem to typically run at 700+F. May not be good for something you want at 275. Boiling water, unless it’s in a pressure vessel won’t get past 100C.
What about just using a toaster oven at a low setting? If offgassing is a worry, toaster ovens can be had pretty cheaply, get a new one for the kitchen and dedicate the old one to dirty jobs.

Boiling Water will do the trick for super sculpey, just let it in there for a while, i image the print should be fine too. There could be some warping, but i don’t think it will break! :smile:

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