High temp resin food molds?



I’m working on a pretty hush project that involves making/testing molds for a food product. I understand that the resins are not food safe but I would like to ask if anyone has used the High temp resin to create food molds before going to CNC?

If so, were they food related molds and did you use any release agents on the printed resin mold? I’m wondering if there are any issues baking at 350-400 with a high temp mold that has a release agent like canola oil rubbed onto it? We are still in development so we are in no rush but would love to test this on High temp resin before going with the stainless steel options. I think we are doing this either way but I am trying my luck here for any insights before we take the plunge. Thanks in advance all!


I would use the printer to a print tool in resin that can be used to cast High durometer food grade platinum silicone production molds.
Platinum silicones can handle high temps- but you have to specifically order food grade silicone.


Thanks for the reply!

We actually will be making the molds out of stainless for final production but the high temp prints would be to test out the shapes we intend to make and make sure there are no breaks once pulled out of the rigid molds. My only concern is I have not used the high temp in this manner and was wondering if it could perform well during the baking process for such a task. I will try this either way and post what I find. Thanks!