Mixing FL Resin to create a new Resin

Like many have done, They have mixed their own resin but no one ever seems to show the results so I thought I would share my Formula and the results.
I love the Grey Version 3 but was curing way to hard and brittle for my application. (Scale Model Production to the end user)
So I ordered in the Tough which by itself wasn’t getting the results I was hoping to achieve, So lets mix the best of both worlds.

My Formula is 4 parts Grey to 1 part Tough printed on Grey 3 settings. 2 hour or more Post cure under LED and Florescent 350-405 nm Lighting.
(100watt LED 405nm (Yes. Do not look directly at the light or you will see spots for awhile :slight_smile: ) and 350nm Old bug zapper lamp for heat)
Here are the results. The Fender is 5 days after print… The grey would be in 10 pieces or more well before you reached a 10th of that… The part finally broke when the corners touched.
The other 2 photos are to show the detail I was looking for was still there which the Grey is superior for so in sense we now have the best of both worlds. The road wheels and Sprocket are 1 inch diameter (I have not printed at 25mic as I rarely do anyway as the difference in Quality is just not worth the time)

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Recategorizing to experimental :wink:

Which version of Tough were you using? Tough V3 is relatively close to the Standard Resins in terms of Young’s Modulus (correlates with stiffness), so I wouldn’t expect the mix to yield a very different modulus from each material natively.

It is Tough 3
SO maybe I stumbled onto a new life form . :slight_smile:
It is weird… It is more brittle coming off the printer then after the soak and post cure.