Black Flex Resin Mix from ALW

Here is some information sent to me by Kevin of Applied Lab Works on a mixture of Black and Flex resins to come up with a nice detail resin that has more flex and less shatter than other resins alone.


Demo Video, for your kind reference, printed model is not post-cured.


Got the same info last night. I’ll have to give it a try, since my Flex bottle was going to waste.

@Walter_Gillespie have you tried it yourself yet?

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No, I haven’t tried it. Not sure I will. I’ve added some Olive Grey to the Black and Beige mix and it’s rather flexible. My issue was after the parts where sitting for a few weeks or more they became real brittle.

So to test this new mix one would need to print some pieces then let them sit out for a few weeks or even months then drop them on a hard surface to see if they shatter. Flexibility right after printing isn’t important and the test done by ALW states that they hadn’t hardened that print they demonstrate in the video.

Same tried to use it then said screw that’s stuff. Got the email too and will give it a go when I get back from a work trip. Not sure if the use just yet