Mixer check failure - initial temperature issue? nope - was cured resin floating in the tank

I had an odd “mixer check failure” yesterday. I had fired-up a print, left the office and it appeared before the first layer was printed.


As you can see, the mixer arm popped off its mount.

I don’t know what would cause this. My office was maybe a little cool before I started the print. Could it be the resin was too viscous because of the office temperature, and the initial wipes put too much stress on the arm, causing it to pop off?

Does the printer do a temperature check before the initial wipes?

Anyhow, the problem seems resolved now.

the only time this has happened to em is when there has been a chunk of cured resin in the tank that prevented the mixer arm from seating all the way to the left

Interesting, thanks. This was immediately after a failed print, but I wasn’t able to find any cured resin in the tank. The next print is at layer 39 with no errors… so far. Will maybe have a closer look next swipe to see if I can spot any cured resin.

I didnt spot mine initially because it was tucked up right at the top left of the tank right by the float sensor .you may need to empty the tank to see it

I had the exact same problem. There was a long thin chunk of resin tucked-in along the side with the float sensor. Once I took the resin tank out, it was easy to see.

That said, I had a successful print even with that piece floating around the resin tank.

I have had this exact issue! We had two failed prints using clear resin, and there had been extra bits that remained in the resin tray after that we failed to see. We used the tank tool provided with the printer to get the large chucks out and to loose any harden resin on the bottom. Unfortunately, we still had small bits that I imagine were parts of the support structure. We used a paint strainer to get out any remaining bits, pouring out the resin tank through the strainer into a photo sensitive container and then putting it back into the resin tray. After this we haven’t had another failed print, or wiper error!

Good Luck!