Miss supports, only the bass


The first picture include one good and two fail.
After I print the success one, the nightmare was beginning.
fail and fail again.

cleaning the window, wash tank and filter resin every time, change the new tank.
I don’t know why.


I try several times and it’s seem like the same.

clear window, filter resin, and clear the tank.
0.05mm, castable wax. I try Preform V. 2.19.3 and V. 2.19.1.


Hello there! It’s a little bit difficult to tell what kind of failure you’re seeing based on these photos.

Can you tell me if you’ve tried to print these parts at an angle rather than vertically, and do they continue to have the same sorts of failures?


The first and second picture are that I want print the design, but it just print the base then nothing after I print a success one.
Then fail every time.
The third and forth one, I just try to make sure the machine is OK or not, check it it not poor support design of mine.
So I print the test file. It is the same every time, I print four times and there are only base, not support and not very good.


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