Minimum thickness to prevent my piece from bending after curing

Hello Goodnight. I have a doubt and consultation.

I put a rectangle out of its interior. Once printed on my form labs, with standard resin and its corresponding curing.

What minimum thickness can I design my “empty rectangle” so that in time the looks do not end up having a “Curve” effect?

It turns out that it has been designed to 0.9mm of wall … but it ends … curving … very little … but it curves or doubles.

What minimum thickness, do you advise me? I have to play with the minimum, I do modeling.

A cordial greeting.

Hi SPSpain,

I think that you used a language translator? The question is not clear.
What I think you are asking is about minimum wall thickness as related to post printing distortion? Be sure to research plastic part design online. Also, FormLabs provides some guidelines:


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