Minimum Feature size, minimum wall thickness

Hello Comunity,

got my F1 some days ago and start exploring the limits of the machine. I read somewhere minimum feature size is 0,3 mm, but when i print 0,3mm thick walls the results are crap.

The top wall was 0,2 mm, it was partly printet, ok, that was my mistake.

The inner wall has 0,3 mm and was printet completly, but its unstable, way to flexible and sticks to the outer wall at one point. So I ask you, mighty internet, what size should my walls have to be printet solid?


I’ve attached a design PDF here that one of our engineers put together that might be of help. General rule from the sheet is:

• Strong: 2 mm

• Flexible: 1 mm

• Delicate: 0.5 mm

Although the Form 1 is capable of a 0.3mm feature, this is not a good size for walls. As you have experienced from your print, they will be rather flimsy.


Thanks for the info, printed again with 1mm wide walls and it comes out just the way it should.

Just wondering: I have those “holes” in the inner wall - what causes this and how can i avoit it?

Those look to be blowouts/recoating issues due to resin flow in an enclosed space. I would maybe try angling at a 30 degree angle

Think of the peel cycle as pushing air into the cylinder and there’s little room for it to escape (especially with dense supports). A breathing hole might help too.

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