Flex 80A - Minimum Wall thickness?

Does anyone have a view on minimum suggested wall thicknesses on larger designs, say 80mm +

I understand that this will depend on the geometry of a given design but I’m trying to establish a general rule to work from and try and establish the root cause for an issue I’m having.

I’m running something at the moment (think open sided oblong ) with a 1mm wall but that is too thin. I’ve also struggled with parts where walls are in the 2,5mm range which have proved borderline for the system but the design involves possible ‘cupping’…

I’ve been able to print with wall thickness less than 2mm. I have not had any print failures with Flex80a. Perhaps if this thickness is problematic, it will depend on the orientation of the print. My thin wall prints were oriented fairly transverse to the build platform. Perhaps your problems happened with near-parallel to the platform prints?

I managed to print it last night, ‘flat’ orientation with a bit of tilt and some extra support to the side walls.

In this case the walls are 1mm all around but you can see the amount of movement in the walls just in handling the part. I wouldn’t like to have to do 10 or 15 of them.