Minimal resin in tray, form 2 how much is really to low...?

hi I am sure this has been ask but I cant find it anywhere.
I am working in open mode on the form 2.
The tray level line is right in the center of the max min guide lines on the tray.
i need to print a 75 ml job is that any way of knowing that i wont run out? or damage the tray or something?

The resin tank holds about 200ml on the line.

is that the top or bottom line?

The max fill line will hold approximately 200mL of resin. For a 75mL print, you should be good to go and the tank can get quite low before it starts to interfere with the print.

There are 2 lines on the tank, the higher one is 260 ml and the lower is 150 ml.
Just asked few days ago.