Experimenting with clear resin


I’d like to start short tests of tinting clear resin so I was wondering how much resin should I pour from a brand new cart to a used empty cart so the Form2 does not complain, aka how many ml are required to fill the empty tank + extra ml for whatever the test print we try…



Here is a quote from a FL employee.

I hope that helps!

Is that the maximum fill of a tank past the black level line? Or up to the level line?

Couple of things to note: This quote was from 2014. Probably for a Form 1/1+ Not sure if the capacity changed.

Also my Form2 always auto fills approximately 1-2 mm past the black fill line. I’ve never had a problem with overfill.

I think the only way to keep the Form2 from complaining about resin below the fill line is to use Open Mode. However, for low levels of resin you’ll want the wiper arm function, so you can keep it in Auto and just clear the warning messages about low resin. In this way, I was able to use resin down to the last few ml. In the end, the resin covered less than 25% of the tank surface but the wiper arm would sufficiently smear it across the tank for each layer. A bit extreme, but very possible.