Form 2 Open Mode tank fill level

I have a Form 2 and I have a few tanks that I want to use for third party resins. I don’t know what the minimum fill requirement and maximum fill level are in mL. Could someone please inform me what those numbers are, thank you. Is the LT tank any different than the standard tank? I have both types of tanks, and I will use both types, standard for ink colorized prints because I will clean and change the resin out frequently, and LT tanks for more advanced materials that are not colored.

Second, I know that the actual mL of the resin may not correspond to the print size in mL since the resin is unknown and the machine is in Open Mode. How much extra resin should I add to the tank to be on the safe side in a percentage number? Say I have a 50mL print, how much resin should I add to the tank to ensure a quality print.

I think you just have to fill it to the fill line mark on either tanks and it should be good to go, but will stop and ask you to refill whenever it thinks it needs more.

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