Minima Mismatch Between Edit Support and Final Screen

I am trying to get this one draft resin print ready to print, but Preform keeps bugging out. When I edit the supports, it says there is no minima and the model is sufficiently supported. I then save the supports, and the screen suddenly says 77 minima. These “minima” are concentrated on two spots which have an extremely large number of supports on them. I go back into the edit support screen and correct ONE of the minima, and suddenly all the minima are gone and my model is “sufficiently supported.” I save my supports again, and I now have 76 minima, and the cycle starts again. Is Preform just bugging out and my print should work?


Hi @Ideal,

Thanks for reaching out. To me, this looks like either a PreForm bug or potentially (less likely) a model mesh issue. I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing the .form file with them. They’d be able to take a closer look at the model itself, determine whether there are any issues, and document any bugs with PreForm as needed.

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