Preform showing "unsupported minimum" in empty space

I had a strange encounter with PreForm 3.12.2 today. When preparing a print job, PreForm complained about an unsupported minimum, but the highlighted region was in empty space, i.e. nowhere close to the solid object I’m trying to print.


In the screenshot there is a red highlighted region in empty space, there is also a slightly red highlighted region above, on the model. I added supports to the “slight red” region and the solid red highlight disappeared.

Odd behavior.

Check your model. My guess is there’s a stray tiny bit of mesh that needs to be deleted. Easily overlooked visually, but picked up by the software.

There’s nothing there. I’ve checked in two mesh editors. Moreover, PreForm is okay with the print after I edit supports far from this red highlighted region. i.e. after preform considers the print-job “good” there is still no supports in the region it once highlighted red.

Not sure what CAD file you are using. I use SketchUP Pro and you can turn on Hidden Geometry. Something there is something been added and it should show there so you can delete it.

I don’t see how that could be true. Preform thought there was something there, initially, but later after adding more supports to the model, Preform changed its mind and decided there was nothing there – there certainly were no supports going to that area.

Thanks for posting this. I’d send the form file, STL and screenshot to Formlabs Support for further investigation, then move on with your work. I’ve seen some occasional weirdness like this in the software over the years and if there really isn’t any mesh there I’m sure they’ll work on fixing it.

Yes, If there is Hidden Geometry Preform will see it even though you don’t.
I’ve had that happen a number of times on items I’ve downloaded the file from another site such as TurboSquid.

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