Miniature Blade Runner Blaster with functional parts

Hey all,

Just though I’d share a side project of mine. The infamous blaster from the movie Blade Runner made in 1/6 scale with individual parts and bullet cylinder and bolt lever moving action.

I started out making my 3d model more functional for the mechanism. I had to print the parts in open mode as my resin sensor isn’t working, though the prints still came out clean, To give an idea of scale the coin (UK 1 pence piece) is 2cm in diameter. very impressed with the detail at this scale. The writing on the receiver even printed out!

Will update this thread as I finish. For other tiny F2 prints I’m working on feel free to follow my FB page: Redirecting...


Looks great! What software do you do your modeling in?

cheers. Maya and Zbrush :wink:

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Awesome job dude!!

Are you sharing this? :smiley:

Looks great :slight_smile: Excited to see the assembly and hopefully that Resin Sensor Error resolves for you quickly.

Thanks all! Modelled in Maya. Not shared unfortunately. Here are some images of the parts with black primer. You can see some of the finer detail much better now.

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Beautiful work! Looking forward to following along the process. The shoes also look great.