Mesh Prints as solid, not as a mesh

I have a model made using Zbrush, about a million polys, which has a section made using the “micromesh” tool, yielding a mesh which has large enough holes that should print about, 2 mm, with a 4 mm wall thickness (approximately).

The model shows correctly in Preform 2.14.1. And in Meshmixer.

But it prints as a solid.

Sorry for no picture, but I’m away from the studio until the weekend.

Using Tough V2 at .1mm res.

Can’t say for sure without a photo, but I have a number of parts I print that have small open spaces that need to be fairly accurate in size. When I print them in Tough V3, the size of these openings varies by more than a millimeter (compared to Standard resin). I believe the variance has something to do with the orientation of the part to the build plate, possibly due to the inherent pliability of the Tough resin.

Since V2 is much more pliant than V3 the effect may be more pronounced. Also, V2 hasn’t been around for a while. Perhaps your resin has expired?

If you’re trying to print a mesh and there isn’t a way for the resin inside to escape or move then what can happen is that repeated indirect lighting from the laser can cure some of that extra material.

I had a similar issue trying to print a mesh in the end of a part either vertically or horizontally, and it just wouldn’t work, the little pockets justs filled and went solid. Tipping the model over at 45 degrees though worked like a charm! In fact, I know it is counter-intuitive, but building parts over at some crazy cock-eyed angle is usually the best way to build things, you get very similar build surfaces on all planes, rather than perfect in one and rubbish in another, and the clean-up of the contact points is easier. The only downside is the model ends up taller, so more layers, but if I am building overnight, I don’t care if it takes 5 or 7 hours, I’ll still be asleep when it finishes!

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