Maximum temperature for the models?


to which temperature will the resin (e.g. black) be stable?

I would like to produce a injection molding negaive form for prototyping.

(e.g. ABS is the material which will be heated to 220-290 degree c)

Is any of the resin stable for 230…300 degree c ?


Martin Bauer

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I have been able to make a rubber mold directly from the models with 25 tons of pressure @ 320°F for one hour.
The parts will become brittle but do hold their form. Formlabs resin seems to have little or no shrinkage, 3rd party resins seem a little soft and don’t release as well.

Compared to ABS, I believe the Photopolymer will get harder as it is heated where as ABS probably reacts more like PVC and will soften under heat.

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