Materials 'hotspot' graphic

I’ve talked about this before but I didnt seem to get any answer. In Materials is there anyway to change the graphic to represent all of the areas, overlayed, into ONE graphic? Not just a lifetime playthrough of where my printer has printed on that resin talk but a total hotspot for all prints, overlayed on top of each other?

The graphic for print 1 disappears by the time say the graphic for print 6 appears. I would love to be able to set this or have the ability to at least save out these layered graphics so I can manually overlay something in photoshop.

The graphic should display all heatmaps cumulatively when opening the page. When you hover over the heatmap, it will iterate through each layer and build them on top of one another until it reaches the last layer and pauses.

There are some errors that seem to cause the heatmap to reset between prints which might make it seem like the heatmap isn’t cumulative. We’re working on getting these errors corrected and also considering removing the GIF functionality such that only the cumulative image is displayed.

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