Material not solid / hard

I am new in formlabs 3D printer.

Until today, the result was not as wanted. Also after following all the guidelines, when taking the item out of the cleaning liquid IPA, it can be scratched by small touch (like my own fingers). It will loose the structure. Is that normal?


Very easy to scratch after finish. The items where for 2 minutes shacking in IPA and 10 minutes still in the other IPA container. After about 5 minutes drying I made this pictures. Is that normal?

No, this is not normal. The finish should be solid, and only scratched with a sharp item. This issue looks worthy of a support ticket. To me, it appears that the laser is not properly curing the resin meaning the laser may not be running at full power, or is behind hindered somehow. I do not believe this is a DIY fix.

Your print does seem a little rough, however, I don’t know what kind of experiments you’ve done on the print, so maybe that’s because you scratched it a lot.

Resin needs UV to cure the print. The laser cures the print while printing, but it needs to harden for at least a day in normal sunlight. It will harden more quickly if you use an UV-chamber. So yes, don’t expect the print to be done when the printer is finished. It needs to cure a little longer for it to harden properly!

Hi to both. Im thank you for your support and answers.

But now I have one answer that it is not ok. And one answer it is normal.
I have this printer since some single days and it is nothing scratched. All is fully cleaned. I have never touched any laser mirrors or anything. Full from manufacturer.

Please give me an direction if I should send the printer back or not?


I would put in a support ticket and go through the process with FormLabs. See if they can diagnose the problem further than just speculations.

Open a support ticket like @Dave_Bettinger mentions. They’ll ask you to do a few test and you both can conclude if you need to take action.

Ticket was opened since long but the response time is still about 14hours until 36 hours.

I opened now the device, cleaned it with special silk cloth and switched all off and on. The device does not sound noise on first layers anymore. The result is a lot better but still not perfect on the very bottom of the printed object. I will wait for response for the ticket. Most bad effects are gone. This is amazing already.

Thanks guys for quick response!

Ouch… honestly… that is a terrible result! The bad quality is much more visible in this picture. I would nearly say that your resin seems contaminated or so…

Actually… are you using the latest version of preform? I’m missing the ‘quick release tabs’ on your base.

Is there a way to get a better picture? I really would like to see the extent of this surface quality.


Please wait until support gets in touch with you before opening your machine and cleaning anything. The optical surfaces can be damaged if you clean them incorrectly. Support will help you get through this :slight_smile: .


Is that Formlabs resin?
If it is a 3rd party resin the other companies say to use gray 1 setting on them but because their resins are not optimized for the Form 1 (+) specifically that setting might be a little under.
If it is Formlabs resin I would make sure the tank is clear and no dust or haze on the main mirror. Also make sure the resin is mixed well.

Hi. I ordered all available Resins. original. gray also available. but I opened the device now and saw, a lot of dust particles are from manufacturing around on all sides inside. and some again after cleanout also on the mirrors. bad produced or tested.

I am still in contact with formlabs support. Sorry but we had not one good printout and now they want to have the device back and we should wait for several weeks. Only one or two answers in a day. Horrible support. I would not buy here again.

What resin is that?
If it is a 3rd party resin it might be under exposed causing that texture. Looks more like a resin problem rather than a machine problem.

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