Mark on the tank due to wiper peg

Hello. I didn’t find something about this so i post here:

Since the begining with the form 2 i get strange mark near the middle of the tank after i use it.
I finally discover when it came from, it’s because of the peg in the middle of the wiper…

The wiper seem to be too firmly attached to the printer, so after a while, it leave this mark on the silicon. I checked on my other tanks and it appear on all of them.
Of course i’m not very happy of this, i need to dodge it when i print now.
Can I cut this peg or is there a special use to it?


I’m guessing that you do not detach the wiper after a print and put the tank cover on when not in use? I’m willing to bet if you at least remove the wiper and put it off to the side you won’t get the dimples in your silicone layer any more.


You guess right, sometimes i let the tank in the printer for 1-2 weeks. Of course if you remove it after the print and put it before, the mark will probably never appear, but i think this desserve a little more warning from Formlabs.

To be honest I checked the support page only at the beginning of the Form 2 (and Ialready have a Form 1+), so maybe they have added some instructions since!

I just recieved the LT tank and checked the wiper, it doesn’t have the nudge anymore :wink:

Good to know! Thanks for your feedback.

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