Make Magazine's "Torture Test"

I was a little surprised, especially considering Make Magazine named the Form1 “best in class” for resin-based prints, that there wasn’t an existing print of their supposed “tortue test” available on Thingivese here:   I say supposed because all my prints so far have been more difficult than the torture test. Maybe I’m just demanding :wink:

Anyways, to save resin, I printed at 50% scale and it still came out great. I took some basic measurements of the thin walls as well.

Unfortunately when attempting to remove the supports, the ‘rainbow’ type shape broke. Of course, that thin little floor at the bottom broke too.

Sorry, for the bad pictures. The clear prints are really hard to photograph!!

And yet another closeup at 250x magnification of where a support contacts the rainbow.

I always amazed by the magnification photograph you took, it is so beautiful, it is like the model has been formed by crystal. Wonderful!