Comparing different printers

As I wait for my Form 1, I stumbled upon a part that I had printed on :

  1. Makerbot: Red Piece.  Part printed by Makerbot.

  2. Mojo: White Piece.  Part printed by Stratasys sales rep.

  3. Invision LD: Black Piece.  Yes, I got lazy and did not finish making all the parts.

On the Invision LD part, I had to print it in pieces to get the best results.  I have attached pictures of the  different model prints.  Just incase someone with a Form 1 wanted to print this out so we can all compare the results.  I would love to see prints with all 3 resolutions but I can not seem to get the file to upload.  I will try to shrink the file size and upload it later.

I know I am asking for a lot but…

The part came from Engines for Model Aircraft.  By Kurt Schreckling.

So I figured out a way to shrink the file enough to get it uploaded.  In all fairness, the polygon count is lower in the file I uploaded.  The file size for the version I printed out was excessive and would not upload.

Anyway, If anyone prints it out as a test, Thank you!  If not, when I get my printer I will print it out and post up my results.


I saw your comment and file and decided to do a few tests just to see how my Form1 compares to your previous prints of your turbine.  I am happy with the results from the Form and feel like all of resolutions that I tried it at are equal to or better than your prints in general finish.  The underside of each, where the supports were, is rough.  It would definitely require extra finishing to make the whole part smooth.  Anyhow, here are some pics so you can see for yourself.  Let me know if I can help you out with any information.

In order these are:

.025 layer resolution - bottom of part

.025 layer resolution - top of part

.050 layer resolution - bottom of part

.050 layer resolution - top of part

.100 layer resolution - bottom of part

.100 layer resolution - top of part


Hey Violet,

Are you reducing the support height setting?

Hi Dylan,

I used the auto-orient setting, it positioned it face up on a slight angle, hence the stair stepping.

I used the default support settings to generate the supports.  They were really short - just enough room to get cutter tips in to snip the supports off.

Happy printing!


Hey Violet,

Id try increasing the angle to the build platform and also increase the support length to get rid of that bumpiness on the bottom.  Ive notice if you place something too close to the build platform it seems to overcure some resin onto the bottom leaving that finish.