"lumpy" surface adjacent to supports

I have the issue that flat surfaces near the support print badly and leave a “lumpy” look. by moving the blade over it, i managed to remove some of it, what is left are the blister-like structures on the picture below.

in addition, there is a lot of small debris that detaches from the print as I handle it. is the print pre-curing supposed to be so delicate that this is the normal behaviour?

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

If you’re printing horizontally flat then that would happen because the resin on the flat part cannot escape easily. That’s why that, and most times against our liking, parts should be placed diagonally.

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You don’t have enough supports, and what supports you do have seem to be on vertical surfaces. If this face is intented to be flat and is a datum, ie you want it to fit against another face, I suggest you turn the model so this face is uppermost.

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