LPU Calibration plate came loose, no idea how to get it back on

The calibration plate that lives up in the roof of the LPU’s cubby hole fell loose and I have no idea how to get it back in place. I can’t even tell how it was mounted in the first place (looking at photos online of it in place, there appears to be nothing holding it there.)

Weirdly, the printer doesn’t even seem to know it’s missing.

i just had a look at mine, there are 4 small plastic clips that keep it in place. 2 on the long side and 1 in each short side

Hi @AWilliamWright,

Thank you for reaching out about the calibration plate here; if you could please open a ticket with Support they can get you a repair guide on how to reattach the plate. Although the printer may not be throwing errors without the plate, it will result in the printer not being able to make on-the-fly calibration adjustments that might result in suboptimal print results.


I figured it out. It mounts magnetically.

I just had to swipe the LPU to the side, put a mirror down in the belly of the printer, turn on my phone light, and set my phone next to the mirror. Then I could find where it went and it popped right into place.

It being magnetic also explains why it came loose, I guess.

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Hi AWilliamWright,

Thank you for the update! That is good to know that you were able to reattach the plate - our support team may also be able to provide additional methods as a backup plan as needed - if you still have that case open this can also be good feedback to provide as well so they can document this if you have not updated them already.