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Loud clicking sound and check mixer error


Having the same issue also. Prints don’t seem to be affected but it defiantly doesn’t sound good. Did you get a response from support on this? Cheers.


Had the same issue many months ago which FL support diagnosed as an “over-excited mixer coupler”. The problem was resolved remotely by FL support. However, the problem resumed after a firmware update. FL support stated that once a remote correction had been done, another remote correction would not solve the clicking noises.

The good news is that FL support stated that the noises were not indicative of any damage and posed no risk of damage to the printer.

Having said that, since the problem with your machine may be different than what mine experienced, if you are an any doubt, file a support request with FL and upload a video. Let the experts take a look and offer you advice based upon precisely what they see and hear.


In colder weather, the temperature of the printer tends to be colder, and the viscosity of the resin tends to be higher. The heater in the printer is glacially slow, and the printer does periodic sweeps while the resin is still heating up. In my experience, these sweeps often result in the mixer arm being “dropped”. The clicking happens in association with these “drops”. As the weather warms up and initial starting temperatures have increased, the frequency with which my printer drops the wiper has gone down significantly and I am not getting that loud rapid fire clicking sound anymore…


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your thoughts on this topic! We are currently tracking this issue on Form 3 printers. That being said, the noise is not indicative of any damage to your machine, and will not affect print quality in any way.

If you would like further guidance, be sure to contact our support team. They’ll be happy to walk you through the issue and apply a remote correction!