Lines on print?

We’ve been getting some horizontal lines on all our prints. Different tanks and resins with the same result. The top of the light unit is clean also. What else should we try?


Clean and grease your Z and X axis, then try again.

Hi @Andrew_W,

Assuming this part was printed flat/horizontally, Optical Window contamination would be my first thought. I would follow Inspecting the optical window as it’s possible for contamination to be on the underside of the window as well, which may not be apparently visible until the window is illuminated. If nothing turns up, getting in touch with our Support Team would be the best bet to narrow this down further.

The part was printed standing up and a slight inclination to X & Y axis. The lines are all parallel with build platform.

I’ve also cleaned and lubricated the Z axis lead screw. The underside of the optical window looks OK.

It happens on all our prints with other tanks and resins.

Hi Andrew, I also had a smilar problem, then i realised that whenever i do print with adaptive layer settings i do get such extra lines, which is more visible with clear durable resin.

Yes, I noticed that the lines were more pronounced when using adaptive, so I tried with equal layer heights but they are still noticeable.