Leaking Cartridge?

I loaded a new tank and cartridge yesterday and before my print begunIi received an error telling me there was too much resin, Assuming it was a one off error I used a syringe to remove the excess and off it went, I’ve set another print away overnight and when I’ve came back today after work the print has finished fine but the resin level is almost double the max line, I’m concerned I have a cartridge with a leaky valve (after having read the forums) I’ve removed the cartridge for now until further comment

It’s possible that this is an error with the tank level sense rather than the cartridge itself and it’s best that someone from our support team reach out and troubleshoot before running further prints. Typically, the tank level sensor will detect when the resin level is a bit too high and stop the print. A member of our support team will be in touch over email to look into this further.

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