Laying out build plate remotely

I have access to reserve a Form3 at a public library on occasion. But they limit job time to 8 hours, starting from the moment I sit down at their PC with my STL files on a USB stick. Very often, it takes me half an hour or more to get things laid out in a way that minimizes resin use and makes the best of my 8 hours, except by the time I do I’ve lost a half an hour.

Obviously i plan for 7 hours, but what a waste.

I’d like to lay out my job at home on preform on my PC, then save it and bring it in ready to begin printing immediately and being confident, certain, that the runtime I see at home is the runtime I will see at the library. They become abusively passive aggressive if it’s too long of a job.

I don’t have their logon credentials and can’t get them. I don’t want to give them my own.

Is there a way to export all parameters of the printer at the library to a usb stick to take home and initialize my environment there?

What about 3rd party slicer support? I’ve gotten around this problem with the Prusa line of printers since I can fully generate gcode at home knowing down to the second how long it will run, and just bring it in on an sd card.

you don’t need any custom printer settings. Download Preform, select a Form 3, get everything ready and save it as a .form file.
When on the library, load the .form file in preform, verify everything is fine, and start printing straight away

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