Layer line at support connection?

Hello everyone! Any idea as to why I get a heavy layer line right at where the support connects through my entire piece ? It seems like preform is making an error when adding supports?

Can you post a picture of your print so we can see what’s happening?

These heavy line come right from where the support is and run all the way around the entire piece ruining prints…

It looks like you’re not supporting your model well enough. Overhangs in softer resins like Castable may flex during the peel cycle and when the next support connects, it is held differently and won’t flex as much. You might try using more supports on the flat walls next to the rim. They should be easy to remove and should help prevent layer misalignment.

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I’ll try it and post results thank you

Well more flawed prints… these had tons of support all over the inside and outside, so frustrating. …anybody know how to solve these flaws???

Heavy cut lines impossible to polish out…:rage:

Can you upload your .form file so that we can take a look at the orientation and supports? It’s sometimes the case that these lines are caused by a combination of orientation and inadequate support structures. The .form file will help to verify that everything is setup correctly and if there aren’t any improvements we can make to the setup, I’ll make sure to get you in touch with a member of our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

Thank you i tried changing the point size of supports to maximum and they have gone away thankyou!!

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