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Laser scanning speed and power in Fuse 1

I can relate print speed (10 mm/hr) with print time using Fuse 1. But I am unable to understand laser power and scanning speed.

Few questions:

  • I have found that for powder sintering power requirement is 140 mW to 250 mW, So how Fuse 1 manages to perform sintering with 10 W of laser power?

  • At what scanning speed sintering has been done?

  • Are power and scanning speed adjustable in Fuse1? If yes, how?


Hi @vishalk,

Great questions! Essentially, the sintering energy is a function of both speed and laser power, so we accomplish the correct amount for sintering by moving quickly.

Moreover, the Fuse 1 is a closed system, so most print settings are not adjustable. However, if you are ever experiencing issues printing with the default settings, please let us know! We’ll be happy to look into your specific issue further and find out what might be causing the problem.